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How We Reduce Costs

In today’s challenging times saving money and being efficient are paramount to an operation’s success and longevity.  Following are some of the ways Foss Industries, Inc. will save your organization money:

Focus:  Many companies sell equipment as well as provide repair services.  At Foss Industries, Inc. our only focus is to provide excellent repairs.  This focus allows Foss to concentrate all of its efforts toward reducing costs and maintaining quality.  

Consolidation:  Why send multiple items to multiple vendors?  Not only does this complicate things, but it costs more to generate PO’s, track, ship, etc.  Foss Industries, Inc. is capable of supporting approximately 98% of the items in a production line.

Shipping:  Ship as many items as possible to one place.  Also, there are programs available where Foss will pay the shipping costs for you!  Contact Us to find out more.

Discounts:  Programs are available that will provide additional discounts from our already low prices.  Contact Us to find out more.

Long warranty coverage:  Our standard warranty is one year from the date of repair on all items.  This is noticeably longer coverage than others offer.  Longer warranties allow your company to reduce the amount of capital expenditures for spares.  This can be a significant cost savings!

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