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  • Foss Industries, Inc. currently services over 20,000 different part numbers in the areas of RF, Mechanical, Electrical, Machining, and Mass Flow.

  • Repairs are governed by ISO Procedures and Quality Standards to ensure success and dependability with every repair.

  • Because Foss Industries, Inc. tracks all items by their serial number, we are able to provide detailed information such as MTBF, costing, trends, and common failures.  Utilizing this information will allow you to reduce the need for additional spares and therefore reduce capital expenditures.

  • All repairs are covered by our One Year Warranty and a comprehensive report detailing the repair is provided so you can see what was done.

  • Foss Industries, Inc. has a proven track record since 1983.  We look forward to making your company more efficient and successful by supporting you for many years.

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