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How We Serve You

Foss Industries, Inc. is a customer driven company.  By utilizing our services, your company will soon realize numerous benefits. The information below highlights a few of these areas. 

The Benefits of Utilizing Foss.....


Quality:  Foss Industries, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2008 Compliant company.  This format ensures that top level quality services will be performed on your products consistently.  We also track your repair by its serial number and this allows a more accurate accounting of MTBF, costing, reoccurring issues, etc.

Convenience: Why use a long vendor list?  Foss Industries, Inc. is capable of repairing approximately 98% of the component level items used in production lines.  By utilizing our services you will be able to save time and money with the consolidation of paperwork, generation of purchase orders, and the convenience of one call to answer your questions.

Pricing:  We believe in being very competitive.  If for any reason our prices aren't better than the rest, just let us know.  Foss Industries, Inc. will do its best to save you money.

Warranty:  What do you think of this?  Foss Industries, Inc. will provide a ONE YEAR WARRANTY on all repairs from the date of repair.  This is a strong statement of the confidence we have in our repairs.

Communication:  Every completed job is returned with a report sharing the details of the repair and the parts replaced.  In some cases such as RF and MFC repair there are additional reports showing performance.  This information is also available in soft copy if you prefer. 

Quick Turn-Times:  The average turn-time at Foss is 2-3 weeks from our receipt of a valid purchase order.  RUSH service is also available in critical times

Vision:  Since Foss Industries, Inc. has many years of experience and services hundreds of sites globally, we are able to compare your situation with that of others.  This lends a unique insight into the resolution of your issue that other companies simply cannot provide.

Value:  It's simple!  Just compare the services offered by Foss Industries, Inc. to your current arrangement.  We are confident that we provide the best service and benefits to our customers.  If you find a better deal elsewhere.....just let us know about it.  We are ready to earn your business and make a difference.

Insight:  Our responsibility is to provide our customers access to the latest information regarding their repairs.  Foss Industries, Inc. now offers 24/7 status reporting via the web.  We also track every repair by its serial number.  This allows for data tracking concerning MTBF, cost, projections, common failures, and trends.  Foss maintains a customer specific database that is always available so you will make educated decisions.

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