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RF Repairs

RF repairs performed by Foss Industries, Inc. are conducted worldwide.  We have invested heavily into this capability with numerous computerized test equipment and the department is staffed with highly talented people.  This combination ensures your items will be repaired and tested with a high degree of effectiveness.

We currently service hundreds of different generators, match networks, microwave generators, wave guides, and other units.  In almost all cases our capabilities match or exceed those of the OEM.

One additional feature of our service in this area is the return communication you will receive when the job is done. A Smith Chart or Spectral Analysis is provided along with the standard job order that will show you the parts replaced, corrective action, and other information. 

Because we track by serial number we will further assist you with MTBF, trends, and costing information.

FAB's worldwide find Foss Industries, Inc. the best solution to effective RF support and significant cost savings.  Try Foss today and see why we win awards for our service.

RF Match Networks


RF Generators


High Voltage & Microwave


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